Four-Way Test Speech Contest

Four-Way Test Speech Contest

The Four-Way Test

Of the things we think, say or do: 

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Four-Way Test Speech Contest Manual

District Four-Way Test Speech Contest Chair Ron Petersen has prepared the Four-Way Test Speech Contest manual in support of the Four-Way Test Speech Contest.  The manual contains everything a club needs to get involved. Please read the entire manual to fully understand all aspects.

For questions or more information contact:

Ron Petersen, Rotary District 6110 Four-Way Test Speech Contest Co-Chair (click name to e-mail) (417)359-3417

Jayne Lowe, Rotary District 6110 Four-Way Test Speech Contest Co-Chair (click name to e-mail) (479) 644-6576

District Training Assembly Delegates Were Wowed

By PDG Ron Petersen, Sr.

The “final four” in the 4-Way Test Speech Contest presented their speeches live in front of a noon luncheon crowd who gave them standing ovations.  Each emulated the virtues of Rotary’s Four-Way Test on April 27th, 2019 at the District Training Assembly in Tulsa, OK.

The Four Way Test Speech Contest teaches youth the principles of the Four Way Test and assists them in furthering their education and future with monetary awards.  It remains one of the most popular programs held at the club and district level.

Many Rotary Delegates were saying WOW at this year’s ‘final-four” ... the audience realized quickly the four were well matched as they entertained and inspired Rotarians at the District Training Assembly on April 27th in Tulsa, OK. 

Meagan Petersen sponsored by the Rotary Club of Joplin, MO and a Senior at Joplin High School, took home top honors and a $1,000 first place prize.  Meagan is leaning towards studying Law.


Brooke Duncan, a Junior at Mt. Vernon High School, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mt. Vernon, MO.

Addie Jones, a Freshamn at Harrison High School, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Harrison, AR.

Abigail Bellatti, a Senior at Regent Prep High School, sponsored by the Tulsa Sunrise Rotary Club of Tulsa, OK.

Each runner-up received $350.  These four finalists earned the honor of competing live during the luncheon at the District Training Assembly by winning at club level and state level.

Congratulations to them and to the sponsoring clubs.  Hope to see more clubs participating next year.

2019 Finalists (click name to view video)

Brooke Duncan – Rotary Club of Mt. Vernon, MO

Addie Jones – Rotary Club of Harrison, AR  

Abigail Bellatti - Rotary Club of Tulsa Sunrise, Tulsa, OK  

Megan Petersen – Rotary Club of Joplin, MO

2018 Finalists

Jeremy Waldman - Rotary Club of Iola  

Marisa Padilla – Rotary Club of Cassville, Mo.  

Priya Thelapurath – Rotary Club of Bentonville  

Wiley Battles – Rotary Club of Tulsa Sunrise 

2017 Finalists

Olivia Marie Padilla  Rotary Club of Cassville, MO

Ian Cooley  Rotary Club of Neosho, MO

Matt Lugibihl  Rotary Club of Tulsa Sunrise, Tulsa, OK

Kelsey Powers  Rotary Club of Harrison, AR

2016 Finalists

Nick Van Slooten  Bentonville/BV Daybreak  

Clara Wicoff  Iola, KS 

Valeria Perez  Cassville, Mo 

Debbie Salomon  Southside Tulsa, OK  

Sean Mason  Bartlesville, OK 

2015 Finalists

Nick Van Slooten  Bentonville, AR 

Meagan Henningsen  Muskogee, OK 

Haley Welch  Southside Tulsa, OK 

Dania Rahal  Fort Smith, AR 

Maggie Wood  Bentonville/BV Daybreak

2014 Finalists

Emily Sheffield  Harrison, AR 

Sarah Grisham  Bartlesville. OK Daybreak   

Josh Reyngoudt  Springdale, AR 

Cheyenne Dodson  Siloam Springs, AR   

Stevie Newell  Pryor, OK 

2013 Finalists

Ashley Stewart   Muskogee, OK 

Nick Van Slooten   Bentonville, AR 

Madison Callison  Pryor, OK        

Lauden Baker  Joplin. MO Daybreak 

Taylor Kilander  Broken Arrow, OK 

2012 Finalists

BerThaddaeus Bailey  Tulsa, OK 

Janna Allen  Fayetteville, AR 

Alex Walker  Broken Arrow, OK 

Claire Harness  Harrison, AR 

Michelle Forbes  Neosho, MO 


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